Monday, 5 October 2009

yay! i'm getting older now..

Posted by ida at 15:48

(look! d'face of 30' years old lady...)


yup! i'm getting older now... hahahahaha...
happy? of course.. on this age i got everything that i need.. i got a lovely fam, i got a best friend in dis world an of course i got the great job in my life too.. what else?

my boss said: "happy birthday girl!" and i'm think my boss x berapa sihat la.. he still think that i'm still young!

hallo boss.. i'm ladies ok? i'm 30 years old not 17'een anymore.. huh! anywhere thax 4 d' nice birthday song.. pandai boss wat lawak ea?

thanks for all d wishes guys... and thax to our journey together.... love ya!